Kathy Nelson's Christmas List:


  • Anything from www.gardners.com (surprise me)
  • Smart wool socks- not hiking, not short biking, but ankle sock for dress
  • Lands End travel kit NJ55685 size= medium, color= blue wave island
  • Cuddle Duds--top, long sleeve crew neck, medium. pants, extra large. Prefer dark colors
  • Books (I don't mind used-these are just favorite books that I would like to have a copy of):
    • The Time Traveler's Wife,
    • Marley & Me,
    • Water for Elephants,
    • The Color of Water,
    • Blue Latitudes


  • Emmielou Harris and Mark Knopfler duo CD "All the Road Running"
  • Robert Plant & Alison Kraus CD "Raising Sand"